Mark Ronson talks about his abandoned 'Quantum of Solace' theme song

29-Sep-2010 • Quantum Of Solace

Music producer Mark Ronson said he was upset that he wasn't able to finish the Bond theme tune he was working on.

Ronson, 35, was due to produce the theme tune to Bond film Quantum of Solace with Amy Winehouse two years ago but they never finished the project.

Asked if he is still annoyed, he said to UK magazine Shortlist: 'Not really now, but at the time I was a bit upset because as a kid it's your dream to do a Bond song.

'Actually, as a kid it's your dream to be James Bond, then you realise that's not going to happen. But at the end of the day I didn't make a track that was particularly inspiring to Amy so we never got it done.

'Hopefully one day we'll get another chance to do it, but if we don't there's always Johnny English.'

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