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EA Insider report details the character animation work on `Everything or Nothing`

04-Oct-2003 • Gaming

The official EA `Everything or Nothing` website has updated this week with its 15th instalment of 007 Insider, tackling the incorporation of sounds and other effects with the game’s animated characters.

Yarborough caught up with Thomas Van Velkinburgh, Associate Designer of EA`s latest Bond outing. Details of how scripted sounds and other effects are added to the animations are explained, along with a short gameplay video and several animation screenshots.

"There are thousands of animations with various NPCs and weapons, so there are many, many other effects Thomas would insert into a game play animation: characters stepping on different types of surfaces (glass, dusty wood, concrete, etc.), scuffs and foot shuffles, punching and kicking sounds, grunts and groans, bottles smashing on heads or falling to the ground, tables being knocked over, as well as actual voiceover from the actors. One of my favorites is Pierce Brosnan`s line: "Can I drop you somewhere?"

Because there are literally thousands of animations all painstakingly created for the game, they are carefully organized with very specific filenames so they are easy for coders to identify. These animations are used by hand-to-hand AI coders to script the actual interactive events and reactions in the game."

Click here for the full Insider report on EA.com

Thanks to doug10 for the alert.

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