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Daniel Craig considers another theatre role says source

02-Nov-2010 • Actor News

Daniel Craig is considering appearing in a play because he has a “need for some serious art”, reports Music Rooms.

The actor previously starred in a Broadway production of A Steady Rain alongside Hugh Jackman, in New York. He has also been in many films, and is globally known as the latest James Bond. However, the British actor is said to be craving a part in something more serious, so thinks theatre work might be the answer.

“He needs to fulfil a need for some serious art so might turn to the stage,” a source said. “The one thing that fires him up is work. He’s earned a lot of money but doesn’t have the respect he deserves – he’s a phenomenal actor.”

Daniel has always said he dislikes the celebrity aspect of being an actor. He wants to be judged on the believability of his performances not on his personal life, so stays tight-lipped about private matters to avoid being gossiped about.

“He considers himself an artist first and a celebrity a distant second,” another source told Gaz7etta magazine. “He’s a pretty reserved guy. Sure, he’s got an amazing lifestyle but he’s not at all boastful. The one thing he really wants is to be respected as an artist.”

Thanks to `danslittlefinger` for the alert.

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