Jeffrey Wright talks briefly about Daniel Craig and Bond 23

Skyfall - 15-11-10 spoke to American actor Jeffrey Wright this week about his work on the stage, and the current Felix Leiter mentioned his past pre-007 links with Daniel Craig and the current state of the 23rd James Bond movie (AKA 'Bond 23').

Did you and Daniel Craig ever talk about [the stage production of] "Angels" on the set of the two James Bond movies you did?
Yeah! He reminded me one day on set that he had played Joe [Pitt] at the Donmar in London the same time we were doing the show on Broadway. There were a number of confluences for us prior to working together on the Bond movies.

Any news on the next Bond film, which is supposed to be directed by Sam Mendes?
Things seem to be moving in the right direction, although sideways at times. It seems to be heading toward some resolution.

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