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Canadian government ads target Bond Girl names

17-Nov-2010 • Bond News

As part of their Waste Wednesday series, Canadian Liberals highlighted out-of-control Conservative spending on partisan advertising that has cost taxpayers a record $130 million and has been connected to some highly questionable websites, reports SooToday.

“Canadians will be shocked when they learn what their money has bought through the Conservative government’s advertising spending spree,” said Liberal Treasury Board Critic Siobhan Coady.

“To put their wasteful advertising spending in perspective, last year the entire Canadian beer industry spent $97 million on advertising, but our Conservative government still managed to outspend them by $33 million,” said Ms. Coady.

“The Conservatives are also paying for Google Adwords, so that whenever someone searches for the sexy female leads in the James Bond movies, for example, a government ad [for the National Film Board] pops up,” said Ms. Dhalla. “Who in their right mind thinks that taxpayers would approve of government advertising on websites that objectify women?”

Liberal Associate Finance Critic Alexandra Mendès said that the Conservatives used advertising to create a misleading impression that they were creating jobs.

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