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EA release new `Everything or Nothing` screenshots for Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube

11-Oct-2003 • Gaming

EA have updated the official "Everything or Nothing" site with new screenshots from the three main consoles.

Nintendo Gamecube
Bond knocking out a goon with a rifle
An atmospheric scene as Bond prepares
Bond throwing a goon off a balcony
Scaling up a wall, `Batman` style
Bond performs a sleeper hold

Playstation 2
Bond descending into what looks like Thunderbird 1`s lair
Q`s Spider-Bomb
Bond in his best Brioni - lock and load
A masked assassin on a mission
Bond opens up his automatic rifle in a control room

Bond`s left hook delivers the good news to a goon
Bond`s rifle butt delivers the good news to a goon
A classic Bond pose amongst a burning building
Bond prowling a glass house with the bit between his teeth
A first look at henchman Jean LaRouge

Thanks to CIA Agent for the alert.

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