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'GoldenEye 007' game sales strong, 'Blood Stone' almost dried up

20-Dec-2010 • Gaming

It's a tale of two James Bond games - one meeting great expectations, another dismally under-performing.

According to sales estimates by VGChartz, of the two Activision-published 007 titles last month, "GoldenEye" is trouncing "Blood Stone".

Exclusive to the Wii platform, "GoldenEye 007" (2010) has shifted an estimated 293,008 units in the USA over its 6 weeks so far, to a worldwide total of 538,554 units. Importantly, the game's sales are picking up in the lead up to the holiday season, selling more units last week in Europe than it did upon launch. Solid reviews and strong word of mouth are keeping the sales steady.

Meanwhile, "Blood Stone" - which was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC - has only sold 104,540 across all platforms in the USA in the same period. Sales in Europe are stronger, shifting 176,907 on the two consoles. Sales in USA have almost dried up completely, despite many retailers slashing the game to half price.

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