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Bond girl Jane Seymour admits she is no 007 aficionado

07-Jan-2011 • Bond News

Jane Seymour is a memorable beauty, and has found success in virtually all areas of the media. After breaking through with films such as “Live and Let Die” and “Somewhere in Time,” she was “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” for six seasons on TV. She returns with “Perfectly Prudence” on the Hallmark channel.

The television movie marks the second time Seymour has played Prudence McCoy, a British version of Martha Stewart. In this go around, new producers come in to remake Prudence’s show. One of the producers is played by Joe Lando, notable because he was Seymour’s Dr Quinn co-star throughout the series. Their on-screen chemistry is revived, and the complications of re-tooling Prudence gives this adventure a comic touch.

HollywoodChicago.com: Since you are also part of James Bond lore in Live and Let Die, what is your feeling about your character Solitaire in comparison to all the other so-called Bond Girls over the years?

Seymour: I’m not really an aficionado on Bond, but I clearly know that I was the only virgin. I read where somebody said I was psychic because I knew tarot cards, but actually I learned how to use them for the movie. So I’m not a psychic. [laughs]

HollywoodChicago.com: What’s the hardest part of doing an American accent?

Seymour: Trying to get my British accent back to do Prudence. [laughs] I play so many Americans that when they say, ‘rolling, camera, action,’ my automatic response is to be American. Every once in awhile I get to be British, and Prudence is one of those occasions.

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