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USA TV - Animated spy spoof 'Archer' returns to FX next week

22-Jan-2011 • Media Alert

Show: "Archer" Season 2 Premiere
Channel: FX (USA)
Date: Thursday 27th January 2011
Time: 22:00 EST/PST

One of television’s top guilty pleasures, the animated James Bond spoof “Archer,” returns for a second season on FX at 10 p.m. Thursday. A spy parody crossed with an extremely foulmouthed workplace comedy — sort of like a mash-up of “The Office” and “Get Smart,” bringing to mind a Steve Carell film festival — “Archer” has a distinctive frame of reference that combines baby-boomer historical knowledge and Literature 101.

The first season’s machine-gun-paced dialogue included jokes, sometimes quite clever, referring to “I Dream of Jeannie,” Johnny Bench, Charles Whitman, “The Deer Hunter,” Dan Rather’s 1986 mugging, Judge Crater, “The Graduate” and the arcade video game Berzerk — as well as Melville, Walt Whitman and John Buchan. Season 2 picks right up with “A Clockwork Orange,” Steinbeck, Burroughs, “The African Queen” and the Harlem Globetrotters.

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