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Rumour: Raven's Bond game has been in the works for 20 months

10-Feb-2011 • Gaming

According to a leaked CV that Gamespot has got their hands on, Raven Software, the gaming company understood to be working on a 007 video game, has been at work on a tie-in game for an "international movie licence" for the last 20 months.

There's no specific mention of James Bond, however, this news coupled with that of December's leaked footage of a stealth James Bond game will spark hope for 007 gamers.

The CV comes from high up, touting its owner as the "Creative Director" of the game and in an online profile, the developer reveals that the video game will be using the same technology behind Unreal Tournament 3.

The developer writes on the popular business networking website, LinkedIn, that he is "involved at highest levels of game design for an unreleased high-profile movie-license action/adventure game using the Unreal 3 engine. Duties include directing a full team of people from different disciplines to design and implement various aspects of the core game as well as specific levels and events in the game. Personal experience scripting and responsible for directing in-game cutscenes as well as implementing some of them."

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