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Richard `Jaws` Kiel has talked to EA about his role in the new Bond game

19-Oct-2003 • Gaming

Richard Kiel, famous for his role as Jaws in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker", has spoken to the official EA website about his role in tthe new Bond game "Everything or Nothing".

Here are a couple of the questions from the latest 007 Communique newsletter:

EA: Why do you think Jaws is such a favorite villain in the Bond community?

RK: I believe that it was because Jaws was the underdog and because I tried to give him some more human character traits such as persistence and determination (when he brushed off his clothes and straightened his tie) he was likeable and somewhat humorous.

Like the coyote in the roadrunner & coyote cartoon Jaws is always having buildings fall on him, being shot at or blown up and yet he still survives.

I believe that many in the audience thought perhaps, just perhaps he may get Bond for a change. Not permanently but because he seemed invulnerable it made things more unpredictable and interesting as he presented a greater challenge for Bond.

EA: What would you most like Jaws fans to know about yourself?

RK: That I have wanted to come back and do a cameo (since I didn`t die in Moonraker) and it is up to the producers to make that happen. I say this because they are always asking me "When are you coming back?" and think I haven`t returned by choice.

Click here to visit the EA site for the full interview.

Thanks to Vodka Martini for that alert.

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