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Bond composer David Arnold will be 2012 Olympics musical director

19-Feb-2011 • Bond News

David Arnold, the composer behind five James Bond films and the man who won a Grammy for his score for the film Independence Day, was today appointed Music Director for the Olympic and Paralympic Closing Ceremonies, reports the Telegraph.

Film Composer and record producer Arnold has an impressive back catalogue that includes Stargate, Chronicles of Narnia, Made in Dagenham, the newly released Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie 'Paul', as well as records by Dame Shirley Bassey, George Michael, KD Lang, Iggy Pop, Bjork and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Luton-born Arnold, 49, said: 'To be involved in the London 2012 Closing Ceremonies, where we celebrate the achievements of the best of the world’s athletes, is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a huge honour. As a nation we excel throughout the world in music, and our team will be readying an electrifying and thrilling soundtrack for this spectacular event.'

Arnold took over the mantle of resident James Bond composer from John Barry and took the essential elements of Bond and updated them for the 90s by incorporating driving rock rhythms and the use of today's technology in the production.

Arnold is the second cousin of Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice, and is an ambassador for aid agency CARE International in the UK.

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