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Former Bizarre Creations member sounds off about 007

20-Feb-2011 • Gaming

When the studio behind the latest James Bond videogame "Blood Stone", Bizarre Creations, was formally closed last Friday by owners Activision, a few former members of the company took to the videogame blogs to give fans a glimpse of what really went on. Interestingly, the feedback shot down any rumours that that studio had lost creative control.

Posting on Develop under the title of 'Real Story', an anonymous 'Ex-Bizarre' member wrote:

"When Activision took us over we did have creative control. When they shut us down we still had that creative control.

The problem was that we made Blur; real cars in realistic cities with power ups. Who were we selling that game to? Marketing had no chance, we didn't even know how to sell it or who it was aimed at.

Then we made Bond, which was destined to be average from the start when we aimed to 'make it like Uncharted 2, but in half the time and with James Bond in it'. Along with engine changes half way through and ignored warnings from external reports the entire way it was never going to hit the 85+ bar we'd had set for us by Activision.

Like a kid in a sweet shop we had no idea what to do and we ended up doing the wrong thing for nearly 4 years."

Thanks to `Andy` for the alert.

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