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'Die Another Day' invisible vehicle technology coming closer to reality

20-Feb-2011 • Bond News

The theoretical research that inspired behind James Bond's invisible Aston Martin from "Die Another Day" is moving closer to being used in a real-life disappearing tank.

The BAE Systems technology uses cameras and other gadgets to project images of surroundings on to the vehicle so it “vanishes”.

Results are so good, experts predict the invisible combat vehicle could be on the battlefield in 2016. It can also fool deadly infra-red, heat-seeking missiles.

A BAE Systems spokesman said: “An invisible tank is exciting James Bond stuff. We think we have cracked it.

“It works at the touch of a button and means the vehicle instantly changes colour and temperature.

“The vehicle is invisible to the naked eye and night vision. The real challenge has been to beat infra-red sensors and heat-seeking missiles.”

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