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John Barry under-represented at 83rd Academy Awards

01-Mar-2011 • Bond News

During the “blink and you’d miss it” In Memoriam segment of the 83rd Academy Awards televised celebration last night, the producers of the event missed an opportunity to pay proper homage to one of Hollywood’s most beloved and innovative soundtrack composers - reports Examiner.com

As Celine Dion began warbling her tear-jerking rendition of “Smile,” the very first face shown on the screen behind her was none other than five-time Academy Award winning composer John Barry, who passed away of cardiac arrest on January 30, 2011.

Many fans unfortunately missed his half-second tribute, and it may have been more appropriate for the segment to include something from Barry’s own catalogue, such as “Born Free” or “We Have All the Time In the World,” rather than an incidental tune that was connected to no one in that montage. However, it is probably ‘good enough’ that they included him at all, which unfortunately cannot be said for the likes of Ingrid Pitt, Corey Haim, Fess Parker, Maury Chaykin, Art Linkletter, and Peter Graves.

And while the producers decided to have another “Great Moments in Black History” moment with Halle Berry for Lena Horne, they could have very easily whipped up a simple medley of some of Barry’s more notable themes during his 40+ years in the business.

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