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Pierce Brosnan joins cast of Susanne Bier's 'All You Need is Love'

04-Mar-2011 • Actor News

Danish director Susanne bier is usually found tackling tough emotional subjects – she created the original version of Brothers, directed Things We Lost in the Fire and just scored an Oscar for In A Better World, a family drama driven by violence and sadness. So you can understand why she might be looking to shift gears for a film, and has written romantic comedy All You Need is Love with Pierce Brosnan in mind to star -- writes Empire

There are no solid details on the plot yet, other than it’ll focus on her usual stomping ground: a Danish family. Just with less weeping and anger this time around. “It’s a tender story with a much lighter atmosphere than my previous works: enough with conflicts,” is how she described the new script to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

And, according to the LA Times, Brosnan will be part of the family, which means it’ll likely be in English or bilingual, since he doesn’t actually speak the lingo. That said, he is James Bond: he can probably learn it quickly.

But don’t expect it to be completely light and airy. While Brosnan tells the paper that it’s a "delightful love story," he also cautions that it’s “a comedy which has punch and deals with loss and a great love."

Bier will shoot the film on the Amalfi coast this spring. Hhhm... While we're eager to see what Bier does with a happier subject matter, we just hope the sea air and romantic nature doesn't incite Pierce to try singing again...

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