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Activision want to hear your views about James Bond videogames

09-Mar-2011 • Gaming

Activision are asking you the fans about your views on their latest James Bond title "GoldenEye 007" and the future 007 videogames.

Click here to take part in the quick survey.

You will be asked about your gaming habits and platforms, "GoldenEye 007", the online fan community, and what you think are important aspects of any future Bond games, such as:

How likely would you be to purchase any future James Bond game based on each of the following scenarios?
- Had a robust online multiplayer mode
- Had a robust offline / split-screen multiplayer mode
- Had a deep and immersive storyline
- Focused primarily on shooting without the use of gadgets
- Did not have online multiplayer gameplay
- Did not have a storyline that tied all of the missions together
- Did not have offline / split-screen multiplayer gameplay
- Included a wide variety of gadgets to use

The survey will also ask you to select your favorite 5 James Bond movies, and which villains or henchman you would most like to battle against in an upcoming game

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