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Truth revealed about SPECTRE Ring prop replica

05-May-2011 • Collecting

MI6 has learned that some inaccurate information regarding the forthcoming Factory Entertainment SPECTRE Ring prop replica has been circulating the internet. To clear up the mystery, MI6 quizzed the team making the newest props to get the latest information:

"Each Factory Entertainment From Russia With Love SPECTRE ring replica will include an genuine semi-precious Onyx stone," Barry Eldridge, Factory Entertainment's Creative VP explains. " The body of the ring will be plated in 18kt gold and will feature an accurate 'open back' ring band design. This was an important feature of the original prop and was intended to symbolize the 'arms' of an Octopus. The original prop did not however have a genuine stone, it had a facsimile, simply because that was more practical to the needs of a motion picture production. The original prop did not need to feel accurate or be durable it simply needed to look good on screen. As it was supposed to look like an Onyx signet ring so we chose to use real Onyx in the replica to make it more practical."

Barry tells us that several websites have been running cobbled-together stories from scraps of leaked information, mixed with a few inaccurate assumptions. "The Ring is 18kt gold plated not Gold leaf," he says.

"Apparently the original prop was made from soapstone, which is a soft easy to carve material. You can actually scratch into it with your fingernail. So fine for a movie prop, actually very good as it's easy to carve. But useless for a replica as they would not last 5 minutes in a consumer goods situation."

It was unsurprising to Barry's team that the production designers of "Thunderball" switched to a different and more durable ‘stone’ design for the prop after "From Russia With Love"

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