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France TV - 'The Real James Bond's Gadgets' on NT1, Tuesday night

15-May-2011 • Media Alert

Show: The Real James Bond's Gadgets (Documentary)
Channel: NT1 (France)
Date: Wednesday 18th May 2011
Time: 01:50

Debonair Roger Moore presents The Real James Bond's Gadgets which reveals the true tales of secret agents and their ingenious gadgets.

For 14 years Moore acted the part of the British secret agent - 007 - licensed to kill the bad guys and thrill audiences with an array of extraordinary devices.

This entertaining expose of real life spies and their gadgets proves, when it comes to espionage, the real tools of the trade are far more outrageous than the over-worked imagination of the movie industry's props department.

The program travels between the three main centres of global espionage - Washington, London and Moscow - as Moore takes viewers through the fascinating history of subterfuge.

Former CIA operatives, M16 officers and KGB agents tell their stories of scientific brilliance, quirky innovation and daring deceptions.

From the birth of concealed silenced weapons in the Second World War to the latest ultra-sensitive listening devices, The Real James Bond's Gadgets covers everything the well-equipped spy could ever want - exploding rats, miniature cameras, concealed weapons and bugged embassies.

With exclusive access to the world's first International Spy Museum the program examines a startling range of assassination devices and viewers meet real life spies whose unerring faith in the deadly inventions have, for better or worse, irrevocably altered the course of history.

Recently released, previously top-secret documents highlight the spies' tricks of the trade, their missions, tools and techniques.

As Roger Moore so eloquently states: "It's not the power of the pistol in your pocket but the accuracy of your shot that counts."

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