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Martin Campbell backs Sam Mendes as Bond 23 director - 'Quantum' was 'lousy'

13-Jun-2011 • Skyfall

In an interview with former 007 director Martin Campbell, principally about his "Green Lantern" movie, Crave Online quizzed the helmsman about his thoughts on James Bond - past and future.

Crave Online: What is it about you that is ideal for creating and launching new things?

Martin Campbell: Well, I’m cheap. No, the thing is I’ve never done a comic book movie before. Superheroes, I guess, yes. Bond, I guess is a form of superhero, and Zorro obviously is, but I’ve never done a superhero movie before, and I wasn’t even versed in the comic when it came through the door. Once having read them and so forth, it fascinated me about the whole world of Green Lantern, going to another planet, going to the center of the universe. That’s really why I did it. What it is about me, these things aren’t about me, really. These things are a huge team effort by everybody. It’s always handed across to the director. I’m the guy on the floor certainly, but Donald [De Line], my producer, a huge contribution from him as with Greg [Berlanti] the writer, and the actors. Unlike a lot of movies, these things are very much a team effort, and in this case, particularly so.

Crave Online: What do you think of the way they’ve taken the Bond series after Casino Royale with Quantum of Solace?

Martin Campbell: Oh, I thought it was lousy. And hopefully this next one will be terrific. Sam Mendes is directing it and I’m sure it’ll be terrific.

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