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Cinematographer Roger Deakins ready for 'daunting' Bond 23

23-Jul-2011 • Skyfall

In a recent video interview with the British Society of Cinematographers, Roger Deakins - famed for his camera work with the Cohen brothers - spoke in brief about his forthcoming work for James Bond 23.

"It’s a daunting project..." says the cinematographer of his first run in with James Bond. "Every film," he says, "when you first sort of start on it is 'What am I going to do?'"

But, any apprehension about the formidable legacy of the 007 franchise was in part mitigated by his good working relationship with the 23rd James Bond film's director: Sam Mendes. Mendes and Deakins previously worked on "Revolutionary Road".

Of the director Roger Deakins briefly suggests: "I don’t think Sam would be doing it if it wasn’t built around character."

The rest of the 50 minute Q&A discusses other elements of the cinematographers career and is of interest to film fans more generally:

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