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Judi Dench admits that she hates to watch her own films

25-Jul-2011 • Actor News

For an actor famed and respected, Judi 'M' Dench is surprisingly self conscious about her own performances.

"I do not enjoy watching myself on screen," she tells the Daily Mail. "I can only compare it to anyone who records their voice or sees a photograph of themselves and says: 'But I don't sound or look like that'. So I prefer not to watch the films at all. That lack of confidence, which I thought would get better, has not really improved. Whenever I think it will get better, something else happens."

She admits, even in her 70s, she is self-conscious about her image: "I don’t need to be told it. I want to think of myself as six feet tall, with long legs."

She also explains that growing old has not made her any the more mellower:

"I get angry about injustice, unkindness, prejudice, about people’s intolerance on colour or religion and the space they take up."

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