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Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry`s fitness instructor has talked about his time on Die Another Day

10-Nov-2003 • Die Another Day

The Sun (UK) interviewed Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry`s fitness trainer from "Die Another Day" recently:

When you were training Pierce Brosnan, was it very different to the kind of things you were doing with Halle?

Pierce liked to do a variety of things. He`s not necessarily a big gym guy even though he knows it`s important. We played tennis and golf, went mountain biking, walking and jogging. I was almost not the fitness expert with him, more like his buddy fitness entertainer.

I was in charge of everything that involved sport. If he wanted to play golf, I would fly to the location two days ahead and organise where to play.

Playing tennis was quite difficult. We played tennis in Spain and the whole court was literally surrounded by photographers. And helicopters were flying above us filming the whole thing. So you imagine, I hadn`t played for a long time, it was really nerve wracking.

What did it take to get Halle into shape for the famous orange bikini scene in Die Another Day?

I worked with her for four months but the most intense part was for six weeks just before the orange bikini scene. When you are working on a movie it is a little bit different, because you have to just grab an hour here and half an hour there, so it is a bit of a mixed regime of resistance training, cardio and weights with a bit of boxing thrown in.

It is not only about the physical aspect, it`s the the mental aspect too, posture and confidence are important.

I said to her - when you are walking out of the water, think mentally that you are a few inches taller and your chest is a couple of inches bigger, making sure have your shoulders back and that you walk correctly, very slowly and almost with a sway of arrogance.

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