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MGM Channel launched in Canada, more 007 on Canadian TV?

23-Aug-2011 • Bond News

Jay Switzer is the head of Hollywood Suite Inc and has launched two new channels into his TV bundle: Warner Films and MGM.

All the studio and indie titles will air commercial-free in HD, uncut and most will stream on a channel subscribers’ computer screen or smartphones for multiplatform convenience.

“We have their [studios] trust, their support, and we have their library and we have their brands exclusively in Canada from a movie channel point-of-view. That’s provided great comfort to our carriers, and helps us leap-frog over some of the noise in the marketplace,” Switzer said.

Given James Bond's long history with MGM, commentators are touting this as a good thing for 007 fans in Canada.

Pricing and packaging of the Hollywood Suite will be unveiled in the fall.

But Switzer said the bundled channels will be priced lower than Netflix Canada’s current $7.99 a month subscription price to appeal to domestic movie lovers.

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