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Rosamund Pike talks Johnny English and James Bond

12-Sep-2011 • Actor News

English actress Rosamund Pike, who played the femme fatale Miranda Frost in the 2002 James Bond film "Die Another Day" will next be seen opposite fellow spy Johnny English, but this time she will be on the right side of the fight.

Pike was briefly interviewed by PhilStar ahead of the release of "Johnny English: Reborn" in Philippines tomorrow.

You were in Die Another Day, a real James Bond movie, with Pierce Brosnan. How was it working on this spoof of an 007 movie?

Well, I really enjoy the parallel. I love it that Johnny English Reborn has so many tributes to all the Bonds. There’s the golf-course scene, the car-chase scene and the snow sequences. This movie is very ambitious in its desire to compete on the level of an action movie which just happens to have a lot of laughs.

How was your Rowan Atkinson experience?

Fantastic! Interesting, fascinating! He’s so exacting, relentlessly funny. His timing is so perfect that we would be laughing at the start of the day and we would still find it funny at 7 o’clock at night after the shoot. With other comedians, the jokes become less funny since you’ve heard them already. But with Rowan, he always manages to twist the timing and do something different and he makes you laugh all over again.

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