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Daniel Craig's new film 'Dream House' not screened for critics

21-Sep-2011 • Actor News

The LA Times is reporting today that Daniel Craig's latest film "Dream House, whom he shot with now wife Rachel Weisz last year, is not being screened for critics ahead of general release.

The paper comments, "That's an evasive move usually reserved for very marginal genre films (or worse) -- movies for which distributors believe critical response would be so poor they'd rather have no opening-day review at all."

This follows earlier rumblings that Craig was avoiding as much publicity for the film as possible. The movie also suffered through re-shoots after the first edit and was originally scheduled for release in February.

A spokesman for Morgan Creek, which financed and produced the picture, declined to comment, as did a Universal spokeswoman.

"Dream House" tells of a New York power couple (Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig) who relocate to a picturesque New England town in the hope of a quieter life, only to find that the house may be cursed by its former inhabitants, who were murdered there.

The movie opens in the US on Friday.

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