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Chris Cornell talks 'Casino Royale' and Bond themes

21-Sep-2011 • Casino Royale

Soundgarden frontman, Seattle rock icon, and "Casino Royale" title song writer/performer Chris Cornell spoke to CraveOnline at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was asked a few questions about his 007 involvement for "You Know My Name".

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CraveOnline: When you’re asked to do a James Bond song, what are the rules they give you?

Chris Cornell: Well, in the instance of Casino Royale, the theme was this is different. It’s different from any Bond film ever. So just go do whatever you want and do it differently. Don’t worry about any previous Bond theme. That was hard in that I’ve always had a hard time with if I’m doing anything and it can be anything, then I have to figure out what that thing is.

CraveOnline: There is a certain sound a Bond song has.

Chris Cornell: Yes, it’s true and I went out of my way, I worked with David Arnold on writing and producing the song. We went out of our way to avoid anything that could sound like that and still at the end of the process, it had a bit of that essence.

CraveOnline: Is the mix in the movie different than the mix on the CD?

Chris Cornell: Yeah, which is also the case of Machine Gun Preacher. It’s a different world when you’re sitting in a movie theater. It’s a different pattern that you’re listening to and it has to do a different job than if you’re listening to it on the radio or at home or something without the film.

CraveOnline: As a fan, could we get the film mix of You Know My Name as a single?

Chris Cornell: It could be. I don’t know if it’d sound very good.

CraveOnline: I like it on the Blu-ray.

Chris Cornell: There are several different ones. My favorite mix actually was the Dave Sardy mix that we did that I had to do just for a radio mix. It’s orchestral but you highlight certain parts of it and take out parts of it that I thought were really exciting. I could if it hasn’t been done in any form release the final movie mix.

CraveOnline: What do you think of Adele for the next Bond song?

Chris Cornell: It’s a great idea. It’s a great idea. She’d be perfect.

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