Duntrune Castle in Scotland locked for Bond 23 location filming

Skyfall - 06-10-11
As reported by MI6 back in August, the production of the 23rd James Bond film plan to shoot scenes in the grounds of a Scottish castle or manor house.

According to the Press & Journal newspaper, that location is now confirmed as Duntrune Castle on Poltalloch Estate near Lochgilphead in mid-Argyll.

The paper also says that local business community has welcomed what will be a major boost to the economy.

Director Sam Mendes has already visited Duntrune, famous for being the oldest constantly inhabited castle in Scotland, and filming is due to take place in February 2012.

Clan chief Robin Malcolm, who owns the 5,000-acre estate on the shores of Loch Crinan, and several holiday properties nearby, said: “Preparatory work begins as soon as everybody sobers up after New Year, but I can’t go into details. I am sworn to secrecy.”

The castle is just 20 minutes from Loch Craignish, where the climatic boat chase was filmed for "From Russia With Love" after they abandoned the original Turkish location. Bond 23 is also scheduled to shoot in Istanbul, the major location of "From Russia With Love".

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