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Gemma Arterton wants to be remembered for more than 'just' James Bond

24-Oct-2011 • Actor News

The "Quantum of Solace" star and it-girl in Hollywood, Gemma Arterton has told the media that she hopes she can put James Bond behind her.

In the new interview with Metro Arterton explains that her 2009 film "Alice Creed" pointed her career back in the right direction after a series of blockbusters:

"My career went down this commercial road for a while and I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Alice Creed flipped everything on its head and people stopped thinking of me as just ‘that girl from Bond’."

When asked about her aversion to 'commercial' films, Arterton responded, "I’m in a quandary because one film is being quite persistent but I keep saying no because it’s so commercial. It means you don’t have to worry about earning money for the rest of the year so you can go off and do theatre or help get smaller scripts made.

"There are so many great scripts that can’t get made because they don’t have the money and then massive films that are made that are rubbish. It would be silly to rule out commercial films because they can be great fun but I have to think seriously before saying yes now because it’s a large portion of the year – not just making the film but doing three months of press and publicity. I like doing three months of theatre and then it’s all done."

The star's time on the James Bond adventure clearly was not particularly problematic, as she recently told viewers of "The Alan Titchmarsh Show", "They're just starting to make the next one [Bond 23] and I'm so jealous that I died in the movie [Quantum of Solace] I was in because I'd love to do it again, it was so much fun. You get to travel to all of these exotic locations, treated well, it's everything you imagined filmmaking and how glamorous it can be."

Arterton has expressed an interest in working with James Bond 23 director Sam Mendes.

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