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Young Bond author Charlie Higson talks about games and art

31-Oct-2011 • Gaming

The organisers of a new competition for games - the Gamecity prize - are calling for video games to be embraced as an art form. Charlie Higson, the writer of the Young James Bond books who was on the panel, and talked about the issue of 'are games art?' on the Today show on BBC Radio 4.

"Computer games nowadays cover such a wide range of activities and forms," Higson said. "[The industry] should be more like the Oscars where [the makers] get prizes for different aspects of games. Trying to come up with one game that encompasses everything is very difficult."

I think the analogy to the Booker Prize, which the Gamecity organizers were trying to make, was that it's prestigious rather than neccessarily high culture or high art. But I think it's only a matter of time until we get a computer games installation at the Turner prize.

Click here to listen to the complete interview online.

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