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Writer John Logan speaks about continuing the James Bond legacy

07-Nov-2011 • Skyfall

In an interview with TriQuarterly, screenwriter John Logan explains how he took on the James Bond legacy:

TQO: What is it like to work on a series in which other people have written the previous movies?

JL: It’s like being a part of an ongoing story. I grew up on the Bond movies, and I remember the first one I saw. I remember seeing other ones over the years. They are part of my life story. Same with the Star Trek characters: they’ve been a part of my life for years. So to get to go in and help shape that ongoing journey is thrilling.

TQO: Is there any pressure?

JL: There is a unique sense of responsibility to it. The audience comes with a certain level of expectation and a certain investment and familiarity with the characters. So you want to treat the audience really well.

TQO: I’ve heard you say before that every time you write something, you imagine it will be a hit. Where does that confidence come from?

JL: I have a lot of support. I have a lot of people who believed in me early on and gave me validation for my work—first teachers and then theater professionals. Even if they didn’t love all my work as a playwright, they were always very supportive of the idea of my becoming a playwright, and they understood that I was trying to find my way as a playwright. When you have colleagues by your side whom you respect and who believe in your work, it helps you feel a sense of pride in your work.

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