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MI6 Community upgrade, lots of new features and improvements for users

19-Nov-2011 • Site News

The MI6 Community discussion forum has been upgraded today with a number of developments:

Comment entry now has easy buttons for fonts, marking spoilers, inserting images and links. BB Code is now standard.

Real-time pop up notifications of activity related to you, which are fully customisable. These are off by default. You will need to click 'My Preferences' on your profile page to enable them.

Email notifications have been improved and you can select individual preferences on which ones you receive.

Choose which style page you are greeted with (click the 'Default Index Settings' link on your profile page to make a selection).

Create your 00-Info mini bio with your birthday, location and favourite Bond elements.

The Activity, Discussions and Comments notification area on your Profile page are now fully operational.

BB Code is now supported in Conversations (private messages) for embedding images and videos.

Inbox has been improved to count notifications more accurately and members of a conversation can be added and removed.

Back To Top links added to all pages.

Added additional sub-categories for Movies: Actors, Music, Trivia & Games

Default timezone is now London GMT. If your browser does not support Javascript timezone, you will see GMT times on discussions.

The "Skyfall" news and spoilers category is now hidden until you log-in.

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