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Bond girl Lana Wood talks about new investigation over Natalie's death

20-Nov-2011 • Actor News

Police this week announced that they were reopening an investigation in to the death of Natalie Wood following new information being given by the boat's captain 30 years since the incident. Wood died under mysterious circumstances on November 28th 1981 when she vanished overboard from a yacht with husband Robert Wagner and fellow actor Christopher Walken.

Now, her sister Lana Wood has said (in an unattributed interview republished by the Daily Mail) she believes that that Wagner was not responsible for Natalie's death. Lana played Plenty O'Toole in the 1973 James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever".

Lana said, "I cannot ever believe that [Wagner] would purposefully do something to hurt her. I believe it was drink and people being out of control and not thinking clearly and just high emotions. In this case, it would be an accident, but the truth was never told. Natalie hated the water. She had a great fear of it. She didn't go into her own swimming pool at home."

Lana has lead a campaign for years for a new inquiry into her sister's fate. Asked if she believed that Wagner should be punished if he knowingly left Natalie in the water, she said: "If that's the case, he's probably been punished all these years as that would be a hell of a thing to live with. I just want to know once and for all. Natalie was a wonderful person and she deserves the truth and she deserves to rest."

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