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Daniel Craig tells of his scare on the set of 'Dragon Tattoo'

02-Jan-2012 • Actor News

There’s a scene in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" when Daniel Craig's journalist character Blomkvist tangles with a killer. Craig is cuffed and strung from a ceiling. His entire face, including nose and mouth, is wrapped up in thick Saran Wrap.

“The first night that we did the hoisting, the stunt coordinator came in and said, ‘Daniel needs to hold this little metal thing in his hand, so if he does begin to lose consciousness, he can cut the plastic wrap away from his mouth,’” director David Fincher told the Chicago Sun Times

“It turns out acting like you’re suffocating is not very different from actually suffocating. So, it was going to be hard to see, which is why he needed the little metal thing.” Craig was roped and wrapped. “There was even a code word if I was in trouble!” says Craig.

Adds Fincher, “Yeah, the code word was, ‘Unnnnhhh!’ ”

The director was at the monitor when he heard a strange “ting, ting, ting.”

“Everyone rushed in because apparently, I had passed out,” Craig says. “We did wrap for the night. On the production report was, ‘Let Daniel go 15 minutes early due to unconsciousness.’ ”

Says Craig, “Just another day of working with David Fincher.”

When the paper asked Craig about his current project, the new James Bond film "Skyfall", he said: “It’s a great script with Sam Mendes directing. He’s a huge Bond fan like me. We’ve been working on it quietly for two years,” Craig says. “We’ve been taking all the favorite bits of our favorite Bond movies and putting them together so we can reintroduce them in this movie.”

Thanks to `Samuel001 ` for the alert.

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