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David Arnold's availability was never a factor in choosing a composer for 'Skyfall'

18-Jan-2012 • Skyfall

In an interview with Cultbox.co.uk, wherein the composer primarily discusses his work on BBC's "Sherlock", David Arnold revealed that he was not made unavailable for the 23rd James Bond adventure, "Skyfall", because of prior commitments to the Olympics.

When asked if he was disappointed because of these factors the composer revealed: "My availability wasn’t an issue. [The film's director] Sam Mendes wanted to continue his working relationship with Thomas Newman."

"I would hate to be a composer foisted upon a director if the director would rather have someone else and I have been lucky that the five directors who I've worked with on the Bond movies chose to work with me."

In the same interview Arnold asserted his confidence in Newman as the man behind the sound of "Skyfall" and said that he was open and willing to return to the James Bond franchise at any point.

Read the complete interview over at cultbox.co.uk

Thanks to `Will` for the alert.

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