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Naomie Harris promises humourous surname for 'Eve'

27-Jan-2012 • Skyfall

British actress Naomie Harris who is playing the field agent known only as 'Eve' in "Skyfall" continues to assert that her character will not end up as Moneypenny, despite pervasive press-touted rumours.

Of her character Harris told STV, "Eve sees herself as Bond's equal and she's very active. I get to do lots of fighting and driving and stunt work and I've been training on the gun range most days. It's been a lot of hard work. My body's completely changed. I've got muscles where I never knew it was possible to have muscles, which is all very exciting. I'm very happy about that."

The actress also alluded to the secrecy surrounding the character's surname: "Will her name make people laugh? Um, yes. Yes, I suppose it will."

Fans will recall that Agent Fields' first name, Strawberry, was kept secret and only revealed as a gag for the credit sequence in "Quantum of Solace".

Thanks to `Samuel` for the alert.

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