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Michael Wilson speaks about the characteristics of several Bond actors

02-Feb-2012 • Bond News

As the first official Skyfall photo was released this week, long-time writer and producer of 007 adventures, Michael Wilson, spoke about the various men to have played James Bond over 5 decades.

The current producer of Bond 23 claims that Daniel Craig has brought some of the elements back to the role that made Connery such a hit in the 1960s and '70s.

"Sean was a tough guy; he set the tone," Wilson said. “[Roger] played it more comic. Roger was lighthearted. Timothy brought it down to earth and Pierce brought a touch of charm and touchiness.

“[Daniel] is a great actor who takes it back to the Sean days.”

“There are plenty of imitators, but Bond really is the first one that was an anti-hero," Wilson told USA Today.

One-time 007 George Lazenby was conspicuous by his absence in Wilson's roundup of the men who have made James Bond what he is today...

Thanks to `slyfox` for the alert.

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