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Jack O’Connell talks about next James Bond rumours

17-Mar-2024 • Bond News

English actor Jack O’Connell may not be as well known as many potential 007's being kicked around by the media, but at 33 years-old and some critically acclaimed performances under his belt (as well as a BAFTA Rising Star award), he fits the bill for the typical credentials producers consider.

"It’s not something I’m going to turn my nose up at. I’m sure there’s a long, long list. I’m sure that list is highly competitive, and I’m sure that there are some phenomenal actors being considered for it," he told  Total Film Magazine recently.

“I mean, listen, if something like that comes my way, sure. I’d just treat it the same way: I’d read it, see who’s directing. Do they want me? Cool. Let’s chat. Is the script belting? Then cool. OK, let’s definitely chat."

"If I’m somewhere along that list – brilliant. That, in itself, is an achievement. But, again, a lot of that stuff – as you find with quite a lot in this industry – is out of my hands. You just roll with the punches.”

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