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James Norton categorically shoots down Bond rumours

29-Jun-2023 • Bond News

English actor James Norton is often tipped in the 'Next James Bond' clickbait or betting odds articles, but has he ever even talked to producers about the possibility? Variety asked him that this week: Have you tested for the Bond producers, or had any preliminary discussions with them?

"No, no, no, none of that. It’s a really lovely piece of clickbait media in the U.K., and anyone can write any story about it and it will get the most incredible sort of hype around it," he said.

"No, no conversations. Basically nothing else to say other than I think they’re probably still working it all out. It’s a big challenge to know which direction to take that huge franchise in. But beyond that, it’s lots of quite fun and bemusing media coverage. There’s nothing concrete behind it."

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