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Jimmy Page reveals he played guitar on Goldfinger track

20-Jan-2021 • Bond News

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has revealed he played a part in one of the most famous James Bond title songs of all time.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, Page explained he was a session guitarist early in his career and dropped the bombshell that he played on the 1864 title song 'Goldfinger'.

"There was a big James Bond session in EMI Studio Number One, where I was playing guitar in the orchestra for John Barry. The full orchestra sounded absolutely amazing, but then Shirley Bassey arrived."

"This was Goldfinger. She arrived with a friend, was very quiet, and then was asked to come out and sing. And it took her just one take. And at the end of the tape she collapsed on the floor. At the end of the song she just held this one note and she basically ran out of breath and collapsed. You know how dramatic she is usually, what with all the stuff she does with her hands, but this was even more dramatic – and I was in the front row of the musicians, so I really had a good view of all of this."

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