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Maggie Q told she was not Bond material

20-Aug-2021 • Actor News

Actress Maggie Q who stars in director Martin Campbell's new film 'The Protege' revealed in an interview with People that she once had a meeting with James Bond producers but was turned away.

Your director Martin Campbell is famous for directing one of the best Bond films ever. There's been talk of making the next Bond a female spy. Is that something you'd be interested in?

I wish. That would be great. Actually, the Bond people did look at me once and they said I wasn't Bond material.

As a Bond girl?

Oh, I would never play a Bond girl. I personally wouldn't make that choice. I think Bond girls are awesome. I would rather be Bond. I'm sorry, I'm not going to suppress skillsets because they need somebody to look good in a film.

What was the nature of the discussion they had with you?

They're playing with different things, obviously because the franchise has to evolve. I was put in front of them and they were like, "She's not Bond material. We don't see it." I actually like when people say stuff like that, it's really motivating for me. I don't get down. I don't get sad. I'm like, "Alright, cool."

And then you make a film like The Protégé and they watch that and go, "Oh, whoops."

Yeah, exactly. So really all you have to do really in this industry is keep moving forward. I mean it shouldn't be your primary motivation, but just prove people wrong, if you can.

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