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MI6 offers push notifications to Chrome, Firefox and Safari users

11-Feb-2018 • Site News

From today your browser may ask you to allow push notifications from MI6-HQ.com. By accepting notifications from MI6-HQ.com in a supported browser (recent versions Chrome, Firefox or Safari) you will be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the most important content updates here at MI6, without having to visit the homepage. If the service is opted into you will be occasionally alerted to new, important features and analysis from MI6 via a pop-up message on your PC or Mac that looks similar to the following examples.

Example push notification Chrome PC for MI6 James Bond
Above: Example push notification on WINDOWS PC

Example push notification Chrome Mac for MI6 James Bond
Above: Example push notification on MACOS

If your browser of choice is supported, but doesn't automatically prompt you to accept notifications from MI6, loacate the red 'bell' icon in the bottom right of the screen to manually opt into notifications. 

Example opt in button for Push notification MI6
Above: Bell icon to manually opt into notifications

This method of notification joins facebook, twitter, RSS and email newsletters as methods readers can currently use to syncate or subscribe to the most pressing news and analyisis from the world James Bond 007.

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