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Naomie Harris talks Miss Moneypenny and Bond 25

30-Jul-2019 • No Time To Die

Miss Moneypenny actress Naomie Harris has given wide-ranging interviews to the press to promote her episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are' for the BBC, which sees her track her family ancestry. The topic of 007 came up more than a few times...

On the changing role of women in the Bond series:

'We're seeing a real evolution of his character. He's now having equal relationships with the female characters and he's emotionally attached, making real connections. There's real respect for the women in his life. There are now four women in the script and they all have incredibly strong roles and play a huge part in driving the story forward and assisting Bond."

On the media's contention that Bond 25 is a 'cursed' production:

'I really don't believe that. If you put the spotlight on any film, you can find things that have gone wrong or people who have been injured – that's the nature of film-making. There are always bumps in the journey, and sometimes when there are bumps, there may be a better movie at the end.'

On the departure of Danny Boyle in pre-production:

'He's the reason, really, I've had the career I've had. I miss Sam a lot, my last two Bonds were with him. But I'm really sad not to be working with Danny. He's a complete genius. Whether he made the decision to leave or it was the franchise's decision or mutual, I hope it's for the benefit of the project.'

On Miss Moneypenny's role in Bond 25:

'I can't say what she gets up to. It's very secretive. The scripts don't disintegrate after reading, but they get hand-delivered and you have to sign non-disclosures.'

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