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Naomie Harris uncertain of Bond future

14-Jun-2022 • Actor News

Naomie Harris recently chatted with Variety about the future of the James Bond series following .

Asked by the trade paper whether it was time for a Black or even female 007? Harris, no doubt practiced at answering the question, replies diplomatically. “I just think it’s sad that we focus on the sex and we focus on the color of Bond,” she says. “Because I think that’s the least interesting part of Bond.”

“I think what we want is a Bond to have all of the qualities that we associate with Bond, and that makes us excited to watch a Bond movie. And I think that matters more than color, more than gender. So I’m completely open to whatever Bond looks like [and] sounds like. I just want a Bond that is the ultimate Bond in the same way that Daniel was.”

With Craig exiting the franchise for good — and Bond himself left in dire circumstances at the film’s close — the fate of his castmates, including Harris, Ralph Fiennes as M and Ben Whishaw as Q, have yet to be confirmed. Is there a chance they’ll return to the franchise with a new Bond?

“I genuinely don’t know,” says Harris. “I really don’t know. I don’t know what direction they’re going to go in. I’m fascinated to see, having left things where they were left, I’m so excited to see where they take it. But I don’t know whether I’d be part of it.”

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