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New poll finds Timothy Dalton as second favourite 007

11-Aug-2020 • Actor News

A new poll by the Radio Times has discovered that most people think Sean Connery is the best James Bond (shock!), but the surprising result was that Timothy Dalton landed in second place.

But, and here's the big but, the poll was not a straight vote on who readers thought played the best 007. Instead, the Radio Times pitted pairs of Bond actors off against each other, meaning Daniel Craig went out in the first round. There was also no logic or explanation as to the pairings. Here is how their votes wound up:

Round 1

Sean Connery (56%) vs Daniel Craig (43%) - missing 1%

Pierce Brosnan (76%) vs George Lazenby (24%)

Roger Moore (41%) vs Timothy Dalton (49%) - missing 10%

Grand Final

Sean Connery (44%) vs Timothy Dalton (32%) vs Pierce Brosnan (23%

The outlet claims over 14,000 people voted, but anyone who has a maths qualification will raise more than an eyebrow as to their polling methodology.

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