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New tartan to celebrate Sir Sean Connery to be launched

27-Jan-2021 • Actor News

A new tartan is being designed to celebrate the life of Sir Sean Connery, and it will be unveiled at the Dressed To Kilt fashion event this summer.

Connery's widow Lady Micheline, his son Stephan and granddaughter Saskia have created a new tartan which will represent the actor's favourite places.

The Dressed To Kilt fashion fundraiser was created by Connery's charity Friends of Scotland, which is founded in 2002.

The actual colours of the bespoke Connery plaid are still a secret, but event organizer Dr Geoffrey Scott Carroll told the Daily Record that his family is hoping to attend the ceremony in Long Island, which this year will be streamed across the internet.

He said: "We are delaying our next Dressed to Kilt show until the summer of 2021. Many of our designers, models and supporters are still in various stages of lockdown and restriction on both sides of the Atlantic. We do not want to hold the 2021 show until our friends have a level of confidence and comfort about getting together once again. We have not yet chosen a specific date as the current situation is still rather volatile. We will provide several months notice in advance of our next show."

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