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New Triumph feature includes minor No Time To Die spoiler

05-Feb-2021 • No Time To Die

Triumph has updated their website with a new feature about the motorcycles appearing in the upcoming James Bond film 'No Time To Die', and one segment of an interview contains a minor spoiler about an action sequence.

Given the number of partners involved in the film and the long delays the release has endured, it was expected that details would start to leak out.

Stunt coordinator Lee Morrison was asked what was the most challenging motorcycle stunt scene?

“Well for the Tiger, and remember these are stunt professionals, it was probably when we were riding them at high speeds and bouncing off the sides of cars during the Norway chase scene!  It was amazing being able to ride behind and direct my lead stunt rider, constantly telling him to get in there, I want you alongside ‘Bond’, hitting the side of his door, cutting behind.  There was a point where we jumped the Tiger over a car and under a helicopter.  To have the confidence in a motorcycle to do all those things, on the move, while directing through an earpiece shows you how good that bike is.”

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