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Pierce Brosnan names his choice for next James Bond

17-Mar-2024 • Bond News

Pierce Brosnan has gone on the record as to who he thinks could take on the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig.

"Cillian Murphy would do a magnificent job as James Bond on His Majesty's Secret Service," Brosnan told the BBC.

Brosnan was speaking at the annual Oscar Wilde awards, which celebrate Irish creative talent in Los Angeles. Murphy, who will turn 48 this year and is too old to be under consideration, was also in attendance.

Brosnan said he was greatly honoured to be given an Oscar Wilde award for his contributions to the film and TV industry. He praised the "kinship" between Ireland and America, adding that he came to the US in 1982 "on a wing and a prayer... and then got a job, on Remington Steele". He added, "We come from a landscape of poetry... they're great storytellers."

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