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Promotional partners warned a 'No Time To Die' delay is imminent

12-Jan-2021 • No Time To Die

Following reports yesterday that a delay for 'No Time To Die' from April to later in the year is imminent, according to the latest trade coverage, 007's promotional partners are being given warning that an announcement will be made soon.

This is quite the contrast to a few months ago when MGM was so bullish about their November 2020 release window that they allowed commercial partners to launch their expensive campaigns only to pull the rug out from under them. DHL was the worst affected, having been green-lit to launch just 24 hours before the delay almost everyone knew was coming. Notably, after being burned back in April 2020, Heineken did not launch any Bond-related marketing late last year - once bitten twice shy. It remains to be seen how many partners will feel comfortable launching another series of promotional campaigns ahead of the film actually opening.

Although a 'November' window has been touted by the media, partners were only told "autumn." Previous Craig-era outings have launched in late October in the UK. 

MGM may be waiting to announce a firm date in the hope that 'Mission: Impossible 7' vacates its current release target of November 19th.

Typically, Bond films open across a period of a couple of weeks to enable cast & crew to attend premieres around the world to maximize national media coverage. With travel restricted and glitzy premieres unlikely, 'No Time To Die' could be the first Bond film launched "day & date" around the globe. Whenever that will be...

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