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Ralph Fiennes expects Bond 25 director to go with a different style

19-Sep-2016 • No Time To Die

Ralph Fiennes chatted to The Telegraph this week about his latest film 'Two Women,' but the topic of 007 and his role as M and what should happen next in Bond 25 lead the piece.

“Well I think if you’re the next director of Bond, you’re going to not want to go down the tone and argument of what Sam [Mendes] has put into the films,” he says, though is quick to stress he’s “heard nothing”.

“Questions of British nationhood, and whether Bond is a dinosaur, all that. So I would guess if you’re coming to do the next Bond, you’d want to take it somewhere radically different, I think.”

He also mentioned that Russian friends told him they hated the latest Bond outings. “I hated thees! So serious! Please! Why? Vere are the jokes?" Fiennes imitated. “I think the British audience likes Bond being brought into a more serious real world. So they should nod to all those well-known Bond tropes and icons that we want, but with an undertone of gravitas.”


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